I'm Rosemary.

A Senior CS major / Studio Art minor at UT Austin.


I'm a web developer / machine learning engineer based in Austin, Texas. I have a passion for creative forms of data generation.


Snap Inc.

While with the Snap Labs Embedded team, I designed and implemented a testing framework for Android VTS and CTS compatible with the Spectacles. I coded a gRPC API, Go server, and React JavaScript web app to initiate tests and display results.

What I've done.


While with the Intune team, I pipelined insights from logging analytics into a Power BI report using excel, created a spec for the UX of Microsoft Edge browser settings in the Intune portal and wrote programs in C# and TypeScript to provide cloud support for these settings.

The University of Texas at Austin

When working with the Computational Materials stream, I implemented optimization algorithms using python and generated visualizations of hyperparameter tuning with NumPy.


What I've been up to.

Here's a selection of some recent work. For a comprehensive view of what I'm working on, you can visit me on GitHub.

Pets 4 Me

This website consolidates information about adoptable pets, dog breeds, cat breeds, and shelters. I created the back-end schema and much of the Pets4Me API with python, Flask, Flask-Restless, and SQLAlchemy, as well as designed and styled most of the front-end with JSX and CSS. This was a semester-long project worked on by a team of 6 for UT's Software Engineering course.


This web app creates a spotify playlist from the intersection of multiple users' Spotify libraries. The front-end was built with HTML/CSS/JavaScript and the back-end was built with the Spotify API/Flask/python. This was created for Hacklahoma 2020.

Stuart Bot

This is a bot that tweets photos of Stuart to @TheStuartBot. It does this by getting an image from the Onion Omega 2+, identifying the objects in it using ResNet-50, then if a cat exists a picture is tweeted. This was created as a personal side project.


This is an assistive screen reader that reads text and auto-generated captions for images with the help of computer vision! It uses Microsoft Cognitive Services to generate captions for the images and Google Cloud Text-to-Speech to read the text. This was created for TAMUhack 2020.

Restaurant Manager

This website is a manager for an assortment of restaurants and their menus. It's supported with a Flask/python back-end and has a HTML/CSS front-end. This was created for the Udacity Full Stack Foundations course.

Idea Generator

This tool generates hackathon ideas. It works by scraping devpost.com for project descriptions of trending projects, and training gpt-2-simple on these descriptions. This was created as a personal side project.


This tool allows for the generation of ukulele tabs based on a number of artists for inspiration. This is done by scraping Ultimateguitar.com for the discography of these artists and training a neural network on the collected tabs. This was created as a personal side project.


EmotiSong is an Android app that works to bring people together via music! Simply take a selfie of a group of people, and using its database of songs, it selects the song best fitting the mood of everyone and plays it. This was created for the Microsoft Intune Hackathon 2018.


Hijinx is a magical game demo! Elevating a custom Java game engine and pixel art graphics, we follow the adventures of a witch and her black cat as they venture through the night, with their mirror portals to guide them along the way. This was created for WiCS Hacks 2018.

Parametric Plotter

This plotter contains tools for graphing three-dimensional parametric surfaces in a scene that can be freely rotated. There's the option to define parameters for built-in functions, as well as the ability to define custom equations. This was created as a personal side project.